About the Canaan Space Montessori Project

The project was initially conceived to provide a learning resource for parents to show them how they could use the Montessori Method at home while homeschooling their children.

It has expanded considerably to become a Homeschool Center and Montessori School (currently for Primary-aged children, 3-6, and Elementary-aged children, 6-9).

Not only have we built a beautiful, fun and friendly space for children to play and learn, we have kitted two Montessori classrooms with all the material necessary to children to follow the complete Montessori program and for parents (and the odd professional teacher) to practice teaching their children using our facilities.

We hope to make the center as sustainable and self-funding as possible, but in order to keep it affordable and make the resources available to as many interested parents and their children as possible, we need help with the development of the facilities and purchase of equipment.

Currently, visitors pay a small ‘usage’ fee to help pay for the basic running costs, such as electricity, cleaning, coffee/tea; and they bring their own meals. Each family usually pays about ฿1500 per month.

The courses and seminars are charged at much lower-than-commercial rates, usually about ⅓ or ½ the price. This allows us to pay for teachers and trainers who usually accept below-market fees.

We aim to be as cost-efficient as possible. We buy good quality products and material, not necessarily the cheapest, but we try to find the cheapest sources. We also do as much of the construction by ourselves as possible, with the help of local freelance builders.

We’ve already funded most of the initial infrastructure ourselves, out of our own pockets. And we’ve purchased all the Primary-level Montessori material, as well as musical instruments (including piano, keyboard, glockenspiel, drums, guitar, violins and saxophone) and playground equipment (including a giant trampoline).

Vicki Sampeck donated equipment for our currently-being-constructed Elementary classroom, worth about $3000’s.

However, we have plenty more plans for expansion, such as a science & chemistry lab of some kind, loads of books and media in English, Thai and Chinese to foster a love of reading and learning independently, and more musical instruments (including the amazing Yamaha’s “smart” self-teaching piano.

We’d also like to offer scholarships for aspiring teachers who want to become Montessori-trained to further their career.

Finally, we need a cash injection of ฿200,000 in order to officially register Canaan Space as a foundation. We debated long and hard for over a year as to whether this was necessary. But now we feel that we’ve reached the stage where the benefits make the extra cost and administrative burden worthwhile (e.g. government oversight, financial regulation, official support for volunteers, etc.).

Please note that we may use this funding towards further development of the foundation, so the money won’t be hoarded and lie idle in the bank account.

Projects and Funding Requirements

It’s difficult to tease out what has been spent for personal use from the various purchases; but the table below reflects the items and facilities that are primarily for community use as much as possible.

Project/Item Funding Required Funding Received Funding Type Status
Foundation Registration 200,000 0 group awaiting funding
Elementary Classroom 120,000 120,000 self completed Jun 2019
Parent's Library Room + Office 100,000 40,000 self/group awaiting funds; in progress: concrete floor and roof completed 2017
Garden Room 30,000 30,000 self completed Apr 2019
Primary Montessori Room 200,000 200,000 self completed 2015
Children's Room 100,000 100,000 self completed 2016
Parent's Room 60,000 60,000 self completed 2017
Toilet Block 40,000 40,000 self completed 2016
Montessori Equipment (Primary) 90,000 90,000 self completed 2016
Montessori Equipment (Elementary) 80,000 80,000 Vicki received 2018
Training Scholarships 32,000 - 128,000 0 group dependent on funding and need
Smart Piano 100,000 0 self personal (to purchase in 2020)
Piano 150,000 150,000 self personal
Keyboard 1,200 1,200 self purchased 2010
Drum Set 11,000 + 4,000 15,000 self purchased 2012 and 2017
Violins 4/4, 1/4 and 1/8 5,000 + 800 + 6,000 11,800 self purchased 2010 + 2018 + 2019
Guitar 8,000 8,000 self purchased 2016
Glockenspiel 5,000 5,000 self purchased 2017
Saxophone 20,000 20,000 self personal
Other musical instruments 3,000 3,000 self purchased 2015-2018
Playground Equipment 8,000 8,000 self purchased 2016
Trampoline 17,000 17,000 self purchased 2017
Screen + Projector 25,000 25,000 self purchased 2012
Fixtures & furniture (children's room) 15,000 15,000 self purchased 2016-2017
Fixtures & furniture (elementary classroom) 20,000 0 group awaiting funds
Fixtures & furniture (library) 20,000 0 self/group awaiting funds
Lighting 30,000 8,000 self/group in progress, awaiting funds
Air-conditioner (parent's room) 17,000 17,000 self purchased 2018
Air-conditioner (elementary classroom) 17,000 0 group dependent on funding and need
Air-conditioner (library+office) 17,000 0 self/group dependent on funding and need
Air filter (library+office) 8,000 0 self/group dependent on funding and need
Air filter (elementary classroom) 8,000 0 self/group dependent on funding and need
AQI monitor 3,000 3,000 self purchased 2019
Garden furniture 12,000 12,000 self purchased 2015-2016
Mosquito sprayer 7,000 7,000 self purchased 2018
Concrete mixer 12,000 12,000 self purchased 2016
Welder 8,000 8,000 self purchased 2017
Air compressor 11,000 11,000 self purchased 2016 (broke) and 2017
Angle grinder 4,000 4,000 self purchased 2016
Steel cutter 5,000 5,000 self purchased 2016
Tile cutter 2,500 2,500 self purchased 2016
Miscellaneous building tools 30,000 30,000 self purchased 2015-2018
Electrician tools 20,000 20,000 self purchased 2016-2018
Measuring tools 5,000 5,000 self purchased 2017-2019
Fridge 7,000 7,000 self purchased 2016
Stove 1,200 1,200 self purchased 2017
Coffee machine/grinder 6,000 6,000 self purchased 2018
Microwave 2,000 2,000 self purchased 2018
Juicer & ice cream maker 17,000 0 self personal (to purchase in 2020)

We also have ongoing expenses, which we expect will be paid for by charging school fees, access/usage fees, training courses, seminars and consultancy work.

Project/Item Funding Required Funding Received Funding Type Status
Montessori Teacher salary (annual) 300,000 0 fees
Cleaning & catering 60,000 0 fees
Training Scholarships 32,000 - 128,000 0 group dependent on funding and need
Electricity/Internet 30,000 0 fees
Telephone 20,000 0 fees
Coffee/tea/snacks 12,000 0 fees
Stationery 12,000 0 fees
Other expenses (e.g. travel/taxi) 20,000 0 fees

How to donate

Until we’ve been officially approved as a foundation, please transfer your donation to our private bank account. As soon as the registration has been confirmed, we will set up a separate “foundation” account.

Bank Account Details

—- to be updated

Direct bank transfer is the cheapest way to receive money, with minimal admin or transaction fees.

If you are overseas then we strongly suggest using TransferWise to transfer funds to Thailand at the interbank rate of exchange and with minimal transfer fees (usually 1% or less). If you are overseas and do not have a Thai bank account then we also have bank accounts in USA (USD), Germany (Euro), Australia (AUD) and UK (GBP). We then use TransferWise to send the money to Thailand at the best rate. Please contact us for payment details.

UK Bank Account

Barclays Bank
Sort Code 20-58-52
Account No. (to be updated)
Account Name: Canaan Space

PayPal or GoFundMe

You can also donate using PayPal (but you’ll lose about 3% on their appalling exchange rate and we lose another 4% on the transaction fees) or via GoFundMe (in which case about 11% of your donation is lost to exchange and transaction fees).

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