2020/21 Co-Learning Programs

Starting in November, we will run weekly courses in a variety of subjects. The theme will be Life Skills.

For children

  • Baking and cooking. Fun sessions to prepare their own meals and bake cookies or Thai sweets.
  • English stories and conversation. Children’s stories available online that can followed interactively. Our English tutors will follow up with conversations using the vocabulary and sentence patterns learnt from reading and listening to the stories. It’s a new way of learning a language based on the Rapid Method.
  • Music appreciation on Music Sundays. Learn to read and play music. Group sessions led by our multi-talented music tutor. Individual lessons for guitar, drums, violin or piano can be booked privately.
  • Science Projects. On our science days, we will work on various science or chemical projects, covering crucial scientific principles and understanding the fundamentals of inquiry by observation and experiments.
  • Mathematical Thinking. We don’t teach mathematical operations. The Montessori approach is all about concrete observation and experience. But we will take it further with our Math Days – children will play logic games, learn chess and go, work on coding projects and program robots or external devices.

Teenagers and Young Adults

  • Coding and web design. Building websites using WordPress and widgets. Integrating e-commerce and payment mechanisms. Designing forms and autoresponders. Our tutor will help each person design their own functioning website that can develop into a money-making machine (see the marketing course).
  • Entrepreneurship. How to make money as an independent freelancer or business owner. We focus on business systems, passive income, competitive advantage and increasing your earning power. Participants will build their own independent business and understand how to leverage their time and transcend the “salary mentality”. This is a co-learning group. We will learn how to move away from selling your time and effort to either high-value services or develop automated systems that generate passive income streams.
  • Marketing. Another co-learning group where we will help each other to understand product/service positioning, how to present your business offering and the technical aspects of Social Media Marketing, writing copy for your website, posts and emails, how to implement good SEO and how to promote your business or service in the most cost-effective way.
  • Video/Audio Editing. Video Production. Voiceover. Learn to make videos for YouTube or FB page or website, become a voiceover artist or podcaster and record and edit your own material. Nearly all our tutors are engaged in developing online self-study material. Also learn how to make interactive marketing or training videos. We have a dedicated recording studio and editing software. And no need to be jack-of-all-trades. Different co-learners will be focusing on different skills. So get help to record your presentations or videos and to edit and publish them online.


  • Language Exchange. Come and learn Thai with the Rapid Method. Once you’ve learnt to read (which doesn’t take long), you will work with a Thai co-learner who will help you work through various songs and colloquial stories. As a Thai person, you will gain confidence and fluency in English by having to explain concepts and think in English. And because there are so many bilingual people around, you can always ask for help whenever you get stuck.
  • Montessori Internship. If you have recently graduated or are in the process of training as a Montessori teacher then come and get practical experience and learn on the job. We are very flexible, but don’t expect a purist style of Montessori training. You will adapt Montessori to suit your situation, and will be ready to join any progressive Montessori school after your internship.