20 January 2019
Sunday, 9.30am – 3.30pm

Introduction to Montessori Education for Parents and Teachers

Information and Registration Day ฿1,500

Find out what Montessori education all about! You can ask questions you have about your child’s education and how you can help your child at home using Montessori principles.

  • What is Montessori Education?
  • Why is it superior to conventional school education?
  • How to create a Montessori learning environment for your child.
  • How to help your child to learn by him/herself.
  • What will you learn in the course?
  • How long will it take?
  • What homework and exercises will I need to do between classes?
  • How can I practice with my child at home or at Canaan Space?
  • What certification will I receive?
  • Where will it be accepted?
  • What kind of teaching work can I do with my qualification?
  • What further training will I need to do – where and how much will it cost?

January – June 2019
20 weeks: Saturdays 9am-4pm

Montessori Training for Parents and Teachers – Primary Years (3-6)

฿32,000 for all four modules / ฿8,000 per module

What will you learn in the Montessori Course?

We will be offering a basic course in Montessori Education for pre-school children (aged 3-5) that consists of four modules. Each module consists of 5 full days, one day per week (probably Saturday) over five weeks, with opportunity to come and practice the ideas with your own children in our Montessori classroom during the week if you like. The entire course will be a 20-day course that will take about 5 months to complete, starting January 26 and ending around June 29 (depending on holiday breaks).

The 20-week training course is made up of four separate modules:

  1. Sensorial
  2. Mathematics
  3. Language
  4. Culture & Practical Life

What will it cost?

The course costs ฿8,000 per module. Participants have the option of completing some additional reading and taking a practical and written diploma exam to receive a MWEI diploma from MWEI (Montessori World Educational Institute, Atascadero, California). The MWEI is a scientific research and educational institute that was founded by Margaret Homfray. Margaret worked with Dr Maria Montessori for over 22 years and established Montessori teacher training centers in England, Ireland, USA and Australia. She was given written authorization by Dr. Montessori to train and certify teachers in the Montessori Method.

Your course instructor will be Vicki Sampeck, who is an experienced and certified Montessori Director (also with MWEI). She also ran her own Montessori school for 8 years in the USA along with 16 years in Public Montessori. Vicki is one of the few instructors in the world who can provide authentic training that follows Margaret Homfray’s protocols. The training you receive will be as close to genuine Montessori training as you can obtain anywhere in the world – that normally costs about ฿60,000

It is very difficult and expensive to receive authentic Montessori training. This course is open to everybody.

Note: Each module follows from the previous module. For parents who are just wanting to understand Montessori and use some of her ideas in your child’s education, you can maybe skip the first three modules and just attend the last one (Culture & Practical Life). However, for certification, you will need to complete all four modules.

Your instructor

Vicki Sampeck is a Montessori parent with 3 grown children. She is an educator, consultant, parenting mentor and teacher-trainer, having taught and served in both public Montessori schools and her own private Montessori school for a total of 28 years. She is Montessori-Certified for Primary (3-6 years), Lower Elementary (6-9 years) and Upper Elementary (9-12 years); and has trained and certified Montessori Teachers in Washington State and California with MWEI and also at the University of California in Santa Barbara.

In addition, she is also certified with the Texas State Board of Education in TESL (Teaching English As a Second Language) and French and teaching Talented and Gifted Children. Her certications include K-6 General Education for all subjects (from Kindergarten to Grade 6).

Vicki grew up with and around Montessori. Her own mother was also a Montessori Teacher and Teacher Trainer. Vicki was trained for several years by Margaret Homfray, who collaborated with Dr Montessori for over 20 years. Miss Homfray developed the English Language Reading Program which is registered in both her and Dr Montessori’s name. Dr Montessori gave Miss Homfray written permission to train and certify students in the Montessori method – which became established first as St. Nicholas Training Centre, London and later as MWEI.

Vicki is widely known and deeply respected for her ability to articulate the nuances of Montessori practice and the inner preparation of the teacher. She has also taught in Montessori Schools in Austria, Poland and Italy. Countless Montessorians around the globe consider her a mentor and friend.